Waely Drop Services


Retail/ Business/ Medical

Premium courier, delivery, and errand running service in central Pa. We partner with local small and medium retailers, legal firms,  clinics, care homes, and businesses, in the community, we ensure their customers get their goods/documents on time, every time. Our prices are competitive, less than others charge for standard 3-5 day shipping, with waely drop you can:

  • Schedule your deliveries up to 90 days in advance

  • Have access to customized delivery solutions for your business needs

  • Exceed customer expectations

  • Choose from a variety of delivery services

  • Enjoy special pricing on monthly plans

  • Rest easy knowing your staff and customers are safe

How do I register my business with Waely Drop?

We understand that no two businesses are the same,  hence our solutions are customized for individual business needs. To achieve this we prefer new clients to fill out our Let get started form or call 814-441-114  to begin the registration process once filled one of our delivery specialists will get in touch shortly to set up new accounts.   

What are the hours of operation?

You can contact dispatch 24/7,  our regular office hours  are from 9.00 am - 5.00 pm. 

How do I request recurring delivery?

By scheduling recurring deliveries with us, online or give us a call 8144411140 or by using our delivery request form on the website you can easily request recurring delivery.


How do I request a one-time delivery?

For one-time deliveries please call customer service at  814- 441-1140 

What kind of vehicle is used?

we use a range of small, medium, and cargo vans. For special accommodations please add details to the delivery request.   Our goal is to ensure that every customer need is met, by providing excellent service.


Is using Waely drop safe?

Yes! Our associates have thoroughly screened and background checked,  our real-time tracking feature provides absolute peace of mind. Our vehicles are branded for easy identification.

Waely Drop For Restaurants

We provide professional food delivery services for restaurants and caterers.   We are here to help you power your food deliveries just like it was in-house or as needed whenever you need and an extra set of drivers.

 With Waely Drop restaurant owners can :

  • Increase sales by offering commision free delivery 

  • Not worry about vehicle maintainance and depreciation

  • Not worry about driver recruitment and training

  • Not worry about driver wages, insurance

How Much Do I Pay For This Service?

$0, as a restaurant owner you pay no commission / delivery fees, delivery fees are paid by your customers per the order! 

Can I use this service only when i have overflows?

Absolutely! Let us know whenever you need delivery service and our team of drivers will be available.

What Locations  do you serve?

Currently Waely drop for restaurnats is in State College PA and we deliver anywhere in State College. 

For More Information, Please Contact Us 

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250 East Beaver Avenue 

Suite #758

State College, Pennsylvania