Take Full Control Of Your Orders With Waely Drop!

Outsource your delivery to a trusted delivery service, with waely drop you can offer direct delivery when you partner with us.

Do not pay ridiculous fees or lose customer data to a third-party service. Our professional drivers will provide on-time deliveries,  in a temperature-controlled environment.

We give restaurant owners a solution to take control of their profits, by saying NO to greedy third parties, that charge very high commissions for delivery.


Requesting a delivery is simple, your customer's order directly from your website or by phone, you can request delivery by using our online delivery request platform at the time of order.  Our professional delivery drivers will pick up and deliver all within 40 minutes!


Wondering how we make this free for you? we pass the delivery fee to your customer and charge a  processing fee of  $1.99 per order and you get to keep 100% of your profit! Yes, that's how it should be.


We make it possible for you to offer direct, commission-free delivery, without hiring your own delivery drivers. At waely drop, we ensure our restaurant partners are in full control of their profits and their customers! 






Delivery fee 

Convenient takeaway takeout food for par

Why Waely Drop ?

$0 charge to you! We will help you double up your profit margin.

 The total amount your customer pays is considerably lower than using a third-party service that charges on commission.

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No Set-Up Fees

No monthly fees 

0% commission delivery

Contactless Delivery

Professional Drivers

Guaranteed Service

Male Chef

With Waely drop, I am able to provide deliveries to my customers and pay 0% commission, there is absolutely no dipping in the cookie jar!

Lionel Davies