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Industries We Serve

We also understand that each client we serve has different needs and requires unique and dedicated methods. Our solutions guarantee that your deliveries are made safely and efficiently. Our team of professional couriers is well-trained and informed about exactly what needs to be done to satisfy your specific needs. 

Medical & Laboratory

When lives are on the line, safety and speed should never be compromised. Our medical specialty couriers are HIPAA & OSHA compliant and trained upon hire and yearly.

Scientist on Computer


We understand the need for security when transporting legal documents. Our staff is background checked and would deliver your documents with absolute care. They take all the necessary precautions to ensure your documents get into the right hands-on time. Our GPS tracking and electronic signature capture provide more value to each delivery.

Manufacturing & Industrial

For all your critical parts storage and distribution needs, look no further. With our solutions, we can warehouse and distribute essential parts to your customers in Central Pennsylvania. Our dedicated logistics personnel will ensure you can provide cost-effective expedited shipping to your clients.

Construction Site Managers
Package Delivery


We work with you to stay competitive by meeting the demands of same-day and next-day delivery. We implement innovative and dynamic strategies that best suit your needs. Depending on what type of product you are delivering, we will customize our solutions and provide competitive rates so you stay ahead whiles exceeding your customer's expectations. 


We understand the importance of delivering crucial medications home infusions and supplies in the healthcare industry and we handle pharmaceutical deliveries using industry-standard practices while also adhering to a strict timeline. 

Courier Collecting Package From Businesswoman In Busy Office.jpg

Business & Payroll

It can be hard to keep up with demands for faster processing and performance, especially regarding payroll, interoffice communication, and more. Managing these critical aspects can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Media & Printing

With Waely Drop, you can stay competitive by providing same-day delivery of artwork to your customers. Our delivery solutions will add extra value to your service,  ensuring your company is the preferred choice. 

Printing Service
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