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We are committed to on-time professional deliveries. Our different service levels ensure we can provide cost-effective deliveries for your time-sensitive delivery needs. 

Express Delivery

Rush Delivery

Standard Delivery

Same-Day Delivery

Explore Reliable  On-Demand
Delivery Solutions

Now more than ever, offering delivery service is not an option but essential service to increase your bottom line and exceed customer expectations.

Waely delivery empowers businesses to offer delivery services efficiently and cost-effectively. We are enabling business owners to expand their reach by providing a reliable delivery service to their clients, just like it was in-house.


Whether you have one delivery in a month or a year, no delivery is too small or big for us. 


Industries We Serve On-Demand

Waely Drop's auto parts delivery service is designed to meet the complex needs of auto retailers.

Our pharmacy delivery arm provides well-vetted couriers that are HIPAA compliant to deliver pharmaceuticals.

Our service gets packages delivered from retail stores to their customers with ease and complete visibility.

Now more than ever, online shopper's expert fast shipping solutions. We have the shipping solutions you need.

Our Waely  Promise

We pride ourselves in customized, cost-effective, and professional logistics services

Advanced Technology

With our state-of the-art courier technology we provide,GPS tracking, real-time notifications, barcode scanning & more

Quick Turnaround Times

Our promise is to respond to each client request and service within the shortest possible time, every time

Secure & Safe

Our couriers are well vetted and trained and we ensure every package is delivered safely and on-time.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Optimizing routes to create cost-effective delivery and logistics solutions is our goal

Client Service

Our 24/7 dispatch is available for all your urgent needs. Each account is managed by a professional delivery personnel

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each client has different needs, and our services are designed to provide you with customized solutions


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