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Whether you need a package delivered across town or several miles away, our professional couriers are committed to providing consistent and reliable delivery services. 


What We Do

Waely Drop services offer a wide range of same-day deliveries. We use all-weather vehicles guaranteeing shipments from 1 hour to the end of the day. 

We will work with your company and pick up packages daily, weekly, or monthly on a regular schedule 24/7. Our customizable services are designed to accommodate your business needs all year round.

Secure climate-controlled storage on-demand all year round. This service is designed for students and professionals. Enjoy the convenience of our unique storage service,  we pick up, store/ship, and deliver on your schedule.

With our route optimization technology, we can build custom routes for your business needs ensuring profitability for your company.

We can warehouse and distribute large or small items in our climate-controlled and secure warehouse. With our state-of-the-art warehousing technology and professional staff, service excellence is guaranteed. 

Home Delivery

Waely Drop offers local pick-up and home delivery of essential items. Our professional drivers will pick up packages from single or multiple stores and deliver them to your door.

Why Waely

Licensed & Insured

Advanced Technology

Uniformed Drivers

Competitive Rates

HIPAA & OSHA Compliant

Reliable & Efficient Service

24/7 Dispatch Service

What Our Clients Say

Packages at the Door

Carnie Datres, Kitchen Repose

We used Waely Drop to deliver meals for a special program we run through our meal delivery service. They had great communication, were reliable, and were extremely professional. I wholeheartedly trusted our meals in their hands and knew that they would reach their destination in a timely fashion! We worked with them for 4 months and I was impressed the whole way through!

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