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Waely Student Storage Solutions

Comprehensive logistics solutions designed for students

In State College, Pennsylvania, our student storage solution takes the top spot. With our climate-controlled storage and convenient pickup and delivery service, we cater to all your storage needs. Whether you require item pickup, storage, and delivery or pickup and shipping to any destination, we've got you covered.

Student Storage Solutions

Student Storage Solutions

Safe & Secure Summer Storage

Climate- Controlled Storage

Pick-up & Delivery Services

Apartment Tunover Cleaning

Apartment Carpet Cleaning

Moving Helpers

Seasonal Stoarge for Students

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Hassle-Free Student Storage Solutions in State College 

Simplify Your Storage needs with our convenient Solutions

Welcome to Waely's Student Storage Solutions in State College, Pennsylvania!

Are you a student looking for convenient and reliable storage options for your dorm room or apartment? Look no further than Waely! We understand the challenges of student life, including the limited space available for storing belongings in dormitories and apartments. That's why we offer tailored storage solutions to meet the unique needs of students in State College.

At Waely, we prioritize convenience, security, and affordability, ensuring that students in State College have access to top-notch storage solutions for summer breaks and other seasonal storage needs. Our user-friendly online booking system makes it easy to order a pickup, store, and deliver service from the comfort of your dorm room or apartment. Our friendly staff is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Trust Waely for all your student storage needs in State College, Pennsylvania. Contact us today to learn more about our storage options and book your storage!

Your Go-To for Student Dorm Storage

Seamless Pick-up and delivery services for Student Convenienece

Dorm Room

Our dorm room storage services provide a hassle-free solution for students who need to store belongings during breaks or transitions between semesters. Whether you're heading home for the summer or studying abroad for a semester, Waely has you covered. Our secure storage facilities offer a safe and convenient place to store your belongings for short or long-term periods.

We understand the hassles of storing your items when going on summer vacation, traveling to study abroad, We would pick up, store, and deliver your belongings to your dorm. 


Efficient Apartment Storage in State College 

Experience Convenience with our Pick-up and Delivery Storage Services

Whether you're heading home for the summer, studying abroad for a semester, or transitioning between apartments, we've got you covered. Our secure, climate-controlled storage units are perfect for storing furniture, clothing, books, and more, giving you peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and secure while away.

With flexible storage terms and affordable rates, our student apartment storage solutions make it easy to store your belongings without breaking the bank. Our user-friendly online booking system allows you to book quickly and easily so you can focus on enjoying your summer break or preparing for your next adventure.

Don't let the stress of apartment transfers or summer break storage weigh you. Trust us to provide you with the storage solutions you need to simplify your life and make the most of your time as a student. 

College Dorm

Seasonal Student Storage made Easy

Optimize your space with Waely's seasonal storage for students

Study Room


By storing seasonal clothing, sporting equipment, or other belongings, you don't have to worry about fitting everything in your apartment or dorm and living in a crowded space, We can pick up whatever you don't need, store it in our secure climate-controlled storage facility, and deliver it whenever you need it. With flexible storage terms and affordable rates, Waely makes it easy for students in State College to store without breaking the bank. With Waely, you only pay for the space you need and enjoy the flexibility of having us pick up and deliver your items when you need them.


Looking for More? Explore Our Support Services

Let Waely Handle the logistics with our comprehensive support services 

Move In / Out Cleaning

A move-out or in cleaning service is the secret to leaving your old apartment on a high note and ensuring a cost-effective smooth transition to your next adventure  


Moving Helpers

Effortlessly use our professional moving hands to assist with moving in or out. Waely moving hands help with packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading

Carpet Cleaning Turnovers

Our efficient and reliable carpet cleaning services ensure that your apartment is move-in ready, meeting lease requirements and maintaining a fresh living environment.

Two Cleaners
Movers Carrying Packages
Janitors in Uniforms
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